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Probate and Estate Planning

O’Hanrahan Lally D’Alton LLP Solicitors have an experienced and skilful team to advise in relation to wills, probate and estate planning matters. We understand that great care must be taken in giving advice in this area.

Furthermore, we understand that this can be a very sad time for family and friends of loved ones who have died and that dealing with issues involving the assets and liabilities of the deceased’s estate can be upsetting and troublesome.

We ensure that our clients will receive the best possible service and advice whether we are drafting a Will, advising on estate planning, creating trusts or administrating Estates.

If you wish to speak to a Solicitor in relation to any Probate matter please contact us on 01 8 555 162 or email us at

Probate and Estate Planning F.A.Q.

Probate is the official proving of a Will and is required when property has been bequeathed in a Will as Probate is needed to transfer that property.

Probate is also needed to release monies from financial institutions if they exceed a certain amount, usually in excess of €25,000.00.

The cost of Probate is dependent upon the value of the Estate and the amount of assets to be distributed. For example if there are a number of bank accounts and various shares to be disposed of and houses to be sold then the cost of that Probate would be more expensive than a Probate involving obtaining monies from one bank account only. It is advisable to obtain a quote from a Solicitor and when the Solicitor has an idea as to the assets in the Estate he/she can give an estimate of the charges. In this office we charge a flat fee based on the amount of work to be done depending on the amount of assets to be distributed.

Inheritances and Gifts are treated quite similar under the Tax Legislation in Ireland as they both fall under Capital Acquisitions Tax. The tax implications for a gift/inheritance depends on the relationship of the Disponer (the person giving the money) with the Beneficiary (the person who receives the money). We attach a link to the Revenue Commissioners which sets out the various Group Thresholds and the amount one can inherit tax free.

As tax is never static and changes with Government Budgets it is advisable to review your Will on a regular basis to take account of the latest tax changes.

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